2018 Goals

  • In 2018, complete waste characterization study with Eco-Cycle
  • In 2018, support establishing a baseline of the U.S. population with access to composting facilities that accept compostable foodservice packaging
  • By 2020, play an active role in the successful expansion of access to commercial composting of foodservice packaging in at least three communities
  • By 2019, use our waste diverters database to create baseline of waste diverting national account customers
  • In 2018, help at least nine foodservice operators implement a front-of-house Zero Waste program
  • In 2018, implement a Zero Waste program with a strategic partner, such as a foodservice management company or distributor
foundation PRODUCTS
  • In 2018, conduct a review of the sustainability component of our supplier scorecard with key suppliers, and work with them to prioritize sustainability commitments and track progress
  • By 2019, explore more sustainable options for both beginning-of-life and end-of-life for the materials used in the packing and shipping of our products
  • In 2018, explore methods to better quantify the beneficial impacts of our products
  • By 2020, implement a process to continually identify and remove non-compostable products from waste- diverting national account operations
Benefits & Development:
  • In 2018, offer three employee-led lunch and learns to provide opportunities to develop presentation skills and strengthen cross-functional employee connections
  • Every year, at least 55% of our employees will take advantage of their paid time off to volunteer
  • Every year, at least 90% of our employees will include a sustainability goal in their performance review
  • In 2018, provide training to managers on best managerial practices
  • By 2020, keep HQ water consumption at 2016 levels, while growing the number of employees in Boulder
  • In 2018, increase HQ waste diversion to 90%
  • Achieve net zero electricity at HQ
  • In 2018, decrease carbon dioxide emissions from air travel by reducing the total miles flown per $1,000 of sales by 5%.
  • In 2018, decrease reimbursed vehicle mileage per $1,000 by 5%.
B Corp Inclusion Challenge:
  • In 2018, replicate Zero Waste event program in one local underserved community with a local partner organization
  • In 2018, provide employees training on diversity and inclusion
  • Every year, publish open positions to associations for underrepresented groups and analyze our current hiring practices to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion is considered.

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