CenturyLink Field and Eco-Products

Eco-Products is now the Proud Zero Waste Partner of CenturyLink Field,
home of the Seattle Seahawks!


Eco-Products announced today it is the Proud Zero Waste Partner of CenturyLink Field, home of the Seattle Seahawks. Through this partnership, Eco-Products will serve as the preferred provider of compostable foodservice packaging to this renowned NFL stadium, as well as support the venue’s waste diversion efforts, particularly as it relates to composting.

Because CenturyLink Field is committed to compostable packaging, Seahawks fans can put their plates, bowls, utensils and any uneaten food in the compost bin. This makes it easier for fans to participate in CenturyLink Field’s composting efforts. There is no need to toss food scraps into one bin and plates into another. This approach also minimizes contamination to the composter, which only wants to receive truly compostable material at its facility. All of the contents will be composted and converted to soil.

In addition to providing compostable foodservice items, Eco-Products will also work with CenturyLink Field to identify and minimize non-compostable items that might inadvertently make their way into compost bins, as well as provide insight on best practices around waste management at stadiums.

“Eco-Products has always been more than just a packaging company. As an advocate for Zero Waste, we work with our partners to not only use compostables, but also set up successful programs to divert both packaging and food scraps from landfills,” said Sarah Martinez, Eco-Products Senior Director of Marketing. “This partnership with CenturyLink Field is an exciting way to show that reaching high levels of waste diversion is achievable, even for venues as large as an NFL stadium.”

Eco-Products is thrilled to be working with CenturyLink Field, a fellow leader in sustainability and Zero Waste strategies. The stadium’s commitment to composting contributes to its waste diversion rate of over 90%, meaning only a small portion of materials leaving the stadium end up in the landfill. Because of this and other commitments to sustainability, CenturyLink Field received the 2019 Community Impact “Gold Award” for suitability programs from Seattle Business Magazine.

Not only does composting extend the life of landfills, but treating soil with compost also supports plant growth and minimizes the need for irrigation and artificial fertilizers. “The benefits of this partnership will go far beyond CenturyLink Field,” Martinez said.