When your mission, vision, and core brand identity are all about changing something, you need to dedicate time to advocacy. This is the part of our website where we do just that.

For us, everything comes down to waste diversion for us, which is why the majority of the content here is dedicated to that issue. That does not mean we don’t hold other issues close to our hearts, but we do recognize that we have to start somewhere. We are mindful of the fact that few, if any, sustainability issues exist in a vacuum, and are propelled by the linkages that exist between waste and other problems like climate change and soil health.

Click on the boxes below to learn more about the issues we face in waste diversion today, and what is being done to address those issues.

And take a look at the blog our Sustainability Squad manages when you have the time. Everyone at Eco-Products benefits from the work these people do to keep us in the know on things we can do in our daily lives to create a more sustainable reality for everyone.