Case Studies

National Aquarium

The world renowned National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland, home to over 17,000 animals.

The National Aquarium decided to start composting across the facility in 2017 and move away from traditional plastic items. Eco-Products was able to provide guidance on their Zero Waste bin setup and assist in their marketing campaign.

The Aquarium worked with local composter Harvest Mid-Atlantic to manage waste and deal with any contamination concerns.

Eco-Products provides a full compostable bundle including plates, cold cups, cutlery, lids, containers, and trays.

St. Jude Children's Research hospital

Cutting edge children’s research hospital located in Memphis, Tennessee, committed to the research and treatment of rare diseases.

Eco-Products has worked with their Sustainability Manager to answer any questions and act on any requests.

They are currently waste diverting in the front-of-house. Eco-Products provided a full compostable bundle to ensure that contamination was minimal.

St Jude’s works with local composter and urban gardeners Smart Mule Urban Farms.

Eco-Products provides hot cups & cold cups plus lids, food trays, and sugarcane take-out containers.

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