Closed Loop Recycling

Introducing the Eco-Products® Closed Loop Recycling Program!  This is a cutting-edge opportunity to recapture and repurpose products instead of simply tossing them. 

Now you can buy recycled content plastic products from Eco-Products and turn them back into new products once again. Plastic products can be recycled several times, saving irreplaceable resources each time. We call this “closing the loop” because resources are repurposed into new materials without the dead end of the landfill.  

How it works If you have a lot of BlueStripe items on your hands and aren’t able to recycle them, simply reach out to Eco-Products.  You might have a great opportunity to close the loop on our plastic BlueStripe products.

Call us at 303-449-1876 or email our Director of Product Creation, Steve Rosse, at