We believe companies should feel honored to help their communities. We certainly do. By giving our products and our time, and organizing donation drives, we are working to have a positive impact on society, beyond our environmentally preferable products.

Giving our products

We are proud to support nonprofits and civic organizations that address environmental or social causes. Many such organizations raise funds by hosting dinners or cocktail receptions, and donating our products for such events helps maximize the donations that can go directly to support their work. In 2015, we donated over $105,000 in product and shipping to over 100 organizations.

Giving our time

Paid time off to volunteer: In 2015, we were very excited to begin offering our employees one day (or eight hours) of paid time off each year to volunteer with the cause of their choosing. We wanted to set a goal to hold ourselves accountable to encouraging employees to take advantage of this benefit. According to the CEPC (Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy) 2015 Giving in Numbers report, 60% of US-based companies offer employees paid time off to volunteer, and on average, 30% of eligible employees take advantage of this. Our goal was to have 50% of our employees utilize this benefit, and we met our goal with 51% using paid time off to volunteer. Looking ahead, we are raising the bar and aim to have 55% of our employees use paid time off to volunteer in 2016.

Earth Week Volunteering: We like to go all-out on Earth Day, and part of the way we celebrate all week long is by volunteering. In 2015, a group of employees volunteered with Wildlands Restoration Volunteers around Earth Day to plant native vegetation in Eldorado Canyon, an area that was damaged by destructive flooding in 2013. Another group of employees volunteered to plant and weed at 63rd Street Farm, a Boulder-area farm committed to sustainable agriculture and fostering a sense of community. In addition, several employees who couldn’t get away for a half-day took it upon themselves to clean up litter in our neighborhood. We are glad that Earth Day provided motivation for our employees to make our community a little brighter.

Giving in other ways

Our community engagement is not limited to product donations, volunteering, and Earth Week. In 2015, our employees coordinated and hosted donation drives for a number of worthy charities:

We CAN Make a Difference: Our annual food drive to benefit Community Food Share collected over 2,000 pounds of food for hungry residents in Boulder and Broomfield Counties. Dividing our employees into teams to see which group could collect the most food was instrumental in nearly doubling the amount of food we collected the previous year. We like that kind of progress!

Crayons to Calculators: We partnered with the nonprofit organization, Crayons to Calculators, to collect six backpacks full of school supplies for kindergarten to high-school aged students in the Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley school districts. This was our first year participating as a collection site, and we hope to include our neighboring businesses in the coming year.

One World Running: We have a lot of runners in our office, which means there are a lot of old sneakers in the backs of our closets. Mixing our passions for running and protecting the environment, we collected running shoes, shoes of all types, and athletic apparel for One World Running. In 2015, we gathered approximately 50 pairs of shoes and one box of athletic apparel. OWR will clean these items locally and distribute them to countries like Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Africa.

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2015 Goals:

  • In 2015, at least 50% of our employees will take advantage of their paid day off to volunteer

2016 Goals:

  • In 2015, at least 55% of our employees will take advantage of their paid day off to volunteer
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