(2010) Companies Honored for Saving Energy

BOULDER - More than 35 Boulder-area companies involved in the "10 For Change" program were recognized Tuesday night for reducing their energy use and making other environmentally friendly changes in 2010.

More than 100 companies are signed up for the voluntary program, which calls for businesses to reduce energy consumption by 10 percent in the program scorecard areas of outreach, energy, waste, transportation and water. The program is funded by the city of Boulder's Climate Action Plan tax and is managed by city of Boulder's Local Environmental Action Division, or LEAD.

The top three companies to reduce their electricity and natural gas usage in the last year, according to a press statement from the "10 For Change" program, were Fuentesdesign.com, a Boulder architecture firm, which posted a 30 percent energy use reduction; Eco-Products, a Boulder-based supplier of environmentally friendly products, 19 percent drop in energy use; and Laudisio Italian Restaurant in Boulder, an 18 percent savings.

In addition, three companies were recognized for reducing their carbon dioxide footprint on the environment: Boulder's Grubb & Ellis Co., a commercial real estate company, reduced carbon dioxide output by 772 tons, according to the press statement. Communication company Polycom Inc.'s Boulder office (Nasdaq: PLCM) reduced carbon dioxide output by 397 tons, and Boulder Beer brewery reduced its carbon dioxide output by 105 tons.

A special "excellence in the community" award went to The Geological Society of America, which is based in Boulder.

Other companies also received recognition for their energy-saving efforts. All companies involved in the program estimated to have reduced carbon dioxide by 1,087 tons, the equivalent of taking 300 cars off the road for a year or planting 6,000 new trees, according to the statement. Companies received a plaque.

Boulder voters in 2006 approved the Climate Action Plan tax on energy to generate $860,000 or so in 2007, and up to $1.3 million per year after that through 2013 to pay for things like energy audits for businesses and houses.