(March 2018) Eco-Products' New Compostable Takeout Containers Are Undeniably Natural

BOULDER, Colo., March 8, 2018 -- Eco-Products is launching new line of compostable takeout containers that are unmistakably and undeniably natural.

The bases of the new containers come in a natural bagasse color and are made from 100 percent renewable sugarcane fiber. Named WorldView™ Naturals, the new line is strong, durable and versatile.

"Guests can easily tell these takeout containers are environmentally friendly," said Sarah Martinez, director of marketing for Eco-Products. "They have a true natural vibe."

The new line consists of sugarcane bases with RPET or Ingeo™ lids for maximum strength and optimum presentation. Among the new line's features:

  • The containers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including round, square, rectangular and oval bases.
  • The bases are made from 100 percent renewable & reclaimed sugarcane fiber instead of foam or virgin paper. They work equally well with hot or cold foods.
  • The lids are made with Ingeo biopolymer or 100 percent post-consumer RPET. The compostable Ingeo lids are perfect for cold foods; the RPET lids (made from 100 percent recycled contents) work equally well for hot or cold dishes.
  • The bases and Ingeo lids meet ASTM standards for compostability and are BPI-certified compostable.

"You get a combination of style, performance and sustainability," Martinez said.

Eco-Products is introducing the new containers as interest in "Zero Waste" skyrockets among restaurants and caterers. The public is increasingly seeking out environmentally-friendly businesses committed to sustainability.

"WorldView Naturals are perfect for restaurants and foodservice operators to demonstrate their commitment to the environment," Martinez said. "These containers are unmistakably natural, and that carries a positive and powerful message: This business cares about the environment as much as its customers."

The new containers are now available at www.ecoproducts.com.

About Eco-Products®, PBC.

Eco-Products is the nation's leading brand of single use foodservice products made from renewable and recycled resources. Their products are, relative to traditional counterparts, gentler on the environment because they require fewer virgin resources to produce, and make diversion from landfills an option upon disposal. Visit www.ecoproducts.com for more information.

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