Eco-Products Statement on A1 Organics Policy Change

As you may know, our long-time friend and partner A1 Organics recently announced some changes to their acceptance policy for compostable products. These changes are the direct result of consistent contamination from non-compostable products in commercial and residential compost streams. Here are a few important things to know about what is happening on the Front Range of Colorado:

    » This is not a permanent policy change. A1 Organics makes quality compost and soil blends. Contamination from non-compostable items has created challenges to producing a finished product that meets A1’s quality standards. While the timing is uncertain, we have been given every assurance that A1’s plan is to accept select compostable products in the future when specified procurement, operational, and communications metrics are met.

    » Certified compostable products are not the problem. A1 does not have an issue with the performance of certified compostable items from Eco-Products in their compost piles. Every compostable product Eco-Products makes is BPI-Certified and many are CMA Approved as well.

    » Contamination from non-compostable products is by far the biggest challenge. Contamination from non-compostable plastic and glass is extremely difficult for composters to remove. When composters decide to accept compostable products, their risk of receiving contamination from non-compostable products increases significantly when processes are not in place to mitigate contamination before it gets to the composter.

    » Consumers generally don’t understand what is compostable and why contamination is such a problem. While the collection of food and compostable products for composting has dramatically increased over the last decade, consumers remain largely uneducated on what to put in compost bins, and what the consequences are for composters when the material they receive is contaminated with non-compostable items.

    » When A1 resumes acceptance of compostable products, they will do so only when certain conditions are met. Operators will need to demonstrate that specific procurement, operational, and communications practices are in place before A1 will accept their material. Eco-Products is working with A1 on that verification program, and will provide the consulting and training necessary to help every Eco-Products customer meet the conditions necessary to continue with an organics diversion program that includes compostable products.

Eco-Products is a business born and raised on the Front Range of Colorado, and we are here to help all of our Colorado customers navigate this unfortunate but understandable situation. An operator certification / verification program is currently in development with A1, as is a consumer campaign to better educate the public on proper waste sorting practices.

At the end of the day, A1’s goal is to produce a quality product free of non-compostable ride along materials. Let’s show them that, together, we can help make that happen.

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