(2010) Eco-Products Announces World’s First Recycled Content Hot Cup Lid

“EcoLid® 25” is made with 25% post-consumer recycled content

BOULDER, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Eco-Products®, the nation's leading brand of foodservice products made from renewable resources and recycled content, is proud to announce a truly unique product offering for coffee shops, restaurants and office breakrooms. The "EcoLid® 25" is the world's first and only recycled content hot cup lid, containing 25% post-consumer recycled polystyrene. There is twice the amount of plastic in a hot cup lid than there is in the lining of an average cup, making this is an important step toward saving some of the non-renewable resources that go into the billions of virgin polystyrene hot cup lids used in this country every year.

"This is one of the most significant technological advances the sustainable foodservice products market has ever seen," said Luke Vernon, COO of Eco-Products. "While most of the industry has been focused on sustainable alternatives for paper hot cups, the lids for those cups have largely been ignored. Eco-Products now has the only hot cup lid in the world that contains FDA-approved post-consumer recycled polystyrene, and that is the kind of industry-changing innovation that this company has become known for."

The EcoLid 25 is made in the U.S.A. from recycled materials discarded by large retailers. This innovation was made possible through partnerships with NextLife, a leader in the collection and conversion of recycled materials, and LidWorks, a premier domestic thermoformer of high quality plastic lids. "With this partnership, we have pushed the boundaries of what is possible with recycled materials," noted Vernon. "The EcoLid 25 is an important addition to our growing line of products made from the highest amounts of post-consumer recycled content available in the market today."

Customers now have the option to select a complete recycled content hot cup and lid solution by pairing the EcoLid 25 with the company's Evolution World™ line of industry best 24% post-consumer fiber hot cups, and their 90% post-consumer fiber EcoGrip® hot cup sleeve. The EcoLid 25 is available in white, black, and printed options in 8 oz and 10 – 24 oz sizes. For information on pre-ordering please talk to your distributor or visit www.ecoproducts.com.

Eco-Products offers a full line of sustainable food service ware, including cold cups, hot cups, plates, bowls, cutlery and to-go containers. In 2009, Eco-Products added products made from the highest possible amounts of post-consumer recycled content to their existing line of items made from renewable resources.

About Eco-Products®, Inc.

Eco-Products is the nation's leading brand of single use food service products made from renewable and recycled resources. Its products are, relative to their traditional counterparts, gentler on the environment because they require fewer virgin resources to produce, and make diversion from landfills an option upon disposal. For more information, please visit www.ecoproducts.com.

About NextLife (formerly MVR)

Next Life is a manufacturer of sustainable plastic resins. Their high performance re-engineered sustainable resins can be customized for use in a wide variety of applications, including consumer products. The carbon footprint of a Next Life resin is 70 percent less than that of a virgin resin, helping businesses create high-quality green products that are attractive to consumers. For more information, please visit www.mvrecycling.com.

About LidWorks (formerly M&N)

LidWorks can produce everything from printed, colored, or custom embossed lids to traditional, non-branded lids for hot, cold and frozen beverages. Lids will be designed and engineered to properly fit paper, plastic, foam or any other disposable cup to create a uniform branded image. Fore more information, please visit www.mnplastics.com.