Employees and Community

We know the success of our company depends on happy, healthy, and productive people. That’s why we make a concerted effort to provide a challenging yet fun work setting, while also incorporating our environmental commitment into our approach to employee engagement. We also believe that as a company we have the privilege and responsibility of supporting organizations who are working to address important social and environmental causes.


Providing an engaging and supportive work environment and backing employees’ efforts to reduce their impact is important to us. That’s why we provide a financial incentive for employees to use alternative transportation in their daily commute. We also recently decided to offer the Eco-Pass, a pass allowing employees to use Denver’s regional public transit system at no cost. To celebrate Earth Day, we volunteer to remove invasive weeds or otherwise clean up our local community, have a “seedling give-away”, and share employee pledges to reduce our impact. To make work more FUN, happy hours, dinners, and other events allow employees to connect outside of work.

That said, we know there is more we can do around employee engagement. That’s why in 2014 we will review our current engagement activities and develop a plan for deeper employee engagement.


We make a concerted effort to support local causes addressing environmental and social issues. Many nonprofits host fundraising events that involve food and drinks (because what better way to get people together?). We are happy to provide compostable or post-consumer recycled content products to reduce the impact of such events and allow more of the money raised to support the cause. When special circumstances apply, we also support events outside the Boulder/Denver area. In 2013 we donated over $214,000 in product to over 80 organizations addressing environmental or social issues.

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Community Engagement: In 2014, we will brand and reassess our community engagement program.

Employee Engagement: In 2014, we will review employee benefits and current engagement efforts, and identify ways to deepen employee engagement.