How Did We Measure Up?

What we said we'd do:

What we did:


Climate Change

In 2015, increase our advocacy for expanding access to commercial composting - Convened multiple industry meetings to advance the topic, including hosting a dinner at the US Composting Council conference Achieved
- Sustainability Maven was elected to the board of the US Composting Council and was instrumental in the creation of an Infrastructure Task Force
In 2015, decrease our total miles flown per $1,000 of sales by 5% relative to 2014 travel - Decreased total miles flown by 11% per $1,000 of sales, relative to 2014 travel Achieved
In 2015, each member of the Sales department will participate in at least one meeting virtually, to which they would otherwise travel - Every sales rep took steps to reduce the impacts of their travel though efforts such as doing more conference calls and web meetings, taking public transportation, or increasingly relying on our broker network to represent Eco-Products at in-person meetings Achieved
Achieve a net zero electricity HQ. Until we get there, invest in high quality offsets to balance our emissions - Installed motion sensors in conference rooms, restrooms, and other areas Made Progress
- Gathered information on capital investments to include in landlord negotiations in 2016

Natural Resources

In 2015, complete the transition to compostable wrappers for our compostable cutlery kits - Researched and sourced a compostable film to use for our cutlery kit wrappers Not Achieved
- Learned our supplier could not provide the film in the quantity we needed, which delayed our progress
- Found another film source and began assessing cost implications to convert to compostable film in 2016
In 2015, pilot a take-back program for recycling the plastic sleeves our products are shipped in - Partnered with Snooze restaurant and Boulder Community Health to pilot a plastic sleeve recycling program Achieved
- Proved the concept can work on a small scale
- Learned key lessons for scaling sleeve recycling beyond Boulder-area organizations
In 2015, partner with Recycle Projects to build viable end markets for post-consumer plastic within Colorado - Committed to purchasing Recycle Projects (now Lifecycle Plastics) post-consumer recycled Plastics, helping LP secure a grant for funding their recycling facility Achieved
- Purchased bales of post-consumer plastic for LP to prove their model
- Provided guidance to LP for securing FDA clearance for using their Plastics in food contact packaging
By 2017, increase HQ waste diversion to 90% - Conducted a waste audit with Eco-Cycle Made Progress
- Held sorting exercises with all employees, to review what materials go in what bin
- Installed a "What bin does it go in?" box near HQ materials sorting station, to minimize contamination and educate employees
- Got better at putting the right stuff in the right bins, but still send too much to the landfill
- 2015 diversion rate: 75%
By 2017, reduce HQ water consumption by 10%; restore the balance every year through high quality water restoration certificates - Requested quotes from multiple plumbing organizations for upgrades of water-consuming fixtures Made Progress
- Hit a 10% reduction compared to 2010 baseline. However, there are some unexplained variances in consumption data so we will not consider this goal "achieved" until we see sustained reduced consumption for 2016 and 2017
By 2020, discontinue legacy products that do not meet our current material standards for renewable resources and post-consumer recycled content - Removed our virgin polypropylene soup cup lid from our catalog, website, and e-commerce platform Made Progress
- Analyzed national account contracts for impacts of removing polypropylene lids, and began taking steps to address this on a contract-by-contract basis

Social Value

In 2015, continue to use our Sustainability Squad as a way to engage employees in sustainability and make Eco-Products a great place to work - Held monthly Squad meetings to brainstorm and collaborate Achieved
- Implemented multiple fun Projects to engage employees in Sustainability, including Bike to work Day, an Alternative transportation Challenge, a Hard-to-Recycle Drive, and multiple drives to collect donations such as school supplies, shoes, and food for the hungry
In 2015, at least 50% of our employees will take advantage of their paid day off to volunteer - 51% of employees took advantage of their paid day off to volunteer Achieved
In 2015, pilot a program to enhance employees' professional development - Used our plastic sleeve recycling pilot (see above) as an opportunity for non-Sustainability staff to get involved in a project in another division of the company Achieved
- Received positive feedback from participating employees and their managers. The project allowed employees to develop new skills and learn more about Eco-Products' sustainability commitment
- In 2015, finalize code, have manufacturers sign it or develop plan for getting there - Made progress on last year’s commitment by drafting a supplier code of conduct Achieved*

*Suppliers undergoing audits against Jarden’s code.
- In 2016, incorporate environmental and social criteria into factory audits - Acquired by Jarden Corporation; our suppliers then became subject to Jarden’s supplier code of conduct
- Commenced audits under the Jarden program for more than half of our suppliers

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