How long does it take your compostable products to breakdown?

This is a great question with a complex answer! How long it takes something to break down depends on what kind of material it is (e.g., a piece of paper breaks down much more quickly than a corn cob), what kind of composting technology is used (e.g., a backyard pile overseen by a gardener is very different than a commercial facility with millions of dollars in equipment to manage moisture and temperature), and what climate you’re in (e.g., the dry Arizona desert is very different than the humid Pacific Northwest). Most of the compostable products Novolex makes are designed to be composted in commercial facilities, where temperature, moisture, oxygen, and other factors can be carefully monitored. The Biodegradable Products Institute certifies many of our products, and the testing upon which that certification is based allows up to 180 days for biodegradation to occur. However, given the number of variables involved, in reality there is a wide range of time in which compostable products to break down. Some composters have successfully composted packaging in as little as 45 – 60 days. For more information on the composting process, check out this video by Eco-Products:

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