Impact Report

We are pleased to release our 10th Annual Impact Report!

A decade into our annual Impact Report, we find the climate and environment in a more dire state than when we started. As a result, we are renewing our commitments to fighting the climate crisis through dedication to understanding how our entire value chain impacts the planet and our communities. As much progress as we have made in the last decade, this rapidly changing landscape of climate risk, circular economy, and intertwined social inequities continues to challenge us.

Evolution in the state of the planet requires evolution in the way we do business.

Our 2022 Impact Report tells the stories of challenges and opportunities in the world of foodservice packaging. We truly believe that proper sourcing, waste diversion and circular solutions are effective climate mitigation tools.

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Some highlights of this year’s report include:

Products & Supply Chain
We worked to remove a top grossing SKU from our bundle, in an effort to reduce contamination in compost streams

Zero Waste Infrastructure
Our PZW team worked with composters and haulers around the country to co-create meaningful waste diversion success stories. They also helped expand compost infrastructure in 4 communities!

Waste Diverting Operators
We surpassed our goal by helping 26 US foodservice operators implement a FOH Waste Diversion Program.

Eco-Products employees helped us exceed our goal with 71% of our employees taking advantage of their Paid Volunteer Time Off benefit.
Additionally, Eco-Products donated about 1.2 million dollars worth of in-kind products and services to the responsible sourcing and waste diversion efforts of organizations within our communities.

Our rooftop solar panels generated 99.8% more electricity than we consumed in our headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. It feels good to maintain net-zero electricity consumption once again.

Ten Years of Impact Reporting: A Retrospective

As we celebrate this tenth annual Impact Report, we reflect on our history of Impact. Because we’re an impact-focused company of problem solvers, we tend to focus a little more on the challenges that remain ahead than celebrating accomplishments of the past.

We believe these past years of successes and progress validates our approach and commitment to product stewardship and waste diversion as a key solution to climate change. The partnerships we’ve built, products we’ve developed (or removed), and advocacy work completed have all played a role in our impact work.

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Eco-Products 10 Year Timeline

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