Letter from the President

Dear Eco-Products Stakeholders,

It's an honor to present to you the first edition of This is Why: The Eco-Products Sustainability Report. On these pages you will find the results of measurement activities that have been ongoing in our company for the past several years. Since early 2010 we have set out to measure all of the environmental impacts associated with our business operations, in addition to the impacts associated with producing the products we make and sell to foodservice operations and consumers all over North America and beyond.

We've been using the information we know about our products –measuring impacts down to the exact SKU level – to help our customers understand the role that foodservice packaging plays in their own respective footprints. Foodservice operators who use Eco-Products sustainable packaging like sports stadiums and corporate campuses now have the ability to report to their stakeholders on the exact impacts associated with their packaging, something that has become increasingly important in this new era of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting.

But measurement without any plans for mitigation leaves us well short of our goal of reducing the impacts foodservice disposables have on the environment. While it helps our customers to understand their packaging impacts, our hope is to help set goals for the management of those impacts and, hopefully, see them come down over time. That's exactly what you will find in this document as we set those same expectations for ourselves.

A few of our stated goals are:

  • A commitment to move continuously towards a net zero electricity HQ. Until we get there, we'll invest in high quality offsets to balance our emissions
  • A commitment to achieve a 90% waste diversion rate at our corporate headquarters
  • A commitment to draft a sustainability code of conduct for our manufacturing partners

We'd like to send our thanks to everyone who has supported Eco-Products and our mission over the last 24 years. It means a lot to us that you care enough about our business and our planet to support products like ours, and to engage with reports like this one in hopes that we can continue to lessen the impacts associated with foodservice disposables, one cup at a time.

Ian Jacobson

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