Letter from the President

It’s exciting to be back in front of you with the second edition of The Eco-Products Sustainability Report. As a reminder, this document is a complete chronicle of sustainability at Eco-Products. This year is particularly exciting because we get to talk about the goals we set last year, and report to everyone how we did – or more accurately how we are “doing”, as many of these initiatives are ongoing. We’ll also tell you exactly what our operational and product impacts were for the last year, as we are fully committed to the notion that what doesn’t get measured will never get addressed.

The rest of the report is really a tour through our areas of focus from an impacts point of view, giving you a closer look at all of the ways we’re working to further our commitments to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

So why do we do this, anyway? First and foremost, this report provides our stakeholders with the kind of transparency we think you deserve. It also demonstrates that we take sustainability seriously; we report frequently on key business metrics and feel that sustainability deserves the same treatment. And perhaps most importantly, it ensures progress and continuous improvement. Our inaugural report did exactly what it was supposed to do: it kept us focused on sustainability while generating conversations and decisions that would not otherwise have happened.

In 2014 we assembled the company’s first Sustainability Advisory Committee, a group of seven sustainability professionals drawn from the private sector, academia, and non-profits. We met last fall to hear their assessment of our first report and our progress on sustainability initiatives to date. Their feedback has been extremely valuable. As an example, a key piece of feedback from this group was that we need to increase our efforts to make access to commercial composting a reality for more communities in this country. Commercial compost advocacy has always been a part of our efforts. We’ve since increased our activity by engaging more broadly with the compost community in an ongoing effort to identify the key barriers to broader access to commercial composting.

Our mission is all about drastically changing the way our society thinks about disposables. Advocating for a broader composting infrastructure to support the diversion of these products from the landfill is central to our approach. Demand for foodservice packaging with environmental benefits is increasing, creating a massive opportunity to advance the cause of Zero Waste, and to help people make the connection between the products we use and broader sustainability issues. We remain as dedicated as ever to using our brand and product offering as a driver for change.

Ian Jacobson
Eco-Products, Inc.

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Ian Jacobson - We remain as dedicated as ever to using our brand and product offering as a driver for change.