Planet Bluegrass

Planet Bluegrass is a Colorado institution and has been operating festivals in Telluride and Lyons for 35 years. The events are world-renowned for their unique combination of high quality national acts and a local community feel that has kept “festivarians” coming back year after year for decades.

  • Managing the environmental impact of their events has always been core to Planet Bluegrass’s mission – so much so that they have their own term for it called “Sustainable Festivation” that is defined as “the act of creating a conscious community around a love of music and respect for the planet.”
  • Eco-Products and Planet Bluegrass have been working together for over 15 years to make the Telluride Bluegrass Festival, RockyGrass, and Folks Festival waste diversion successes. Through a combination of reuse, recycling and composting, the festivals regularly record overall diversion rates north of 50%, which is remarkable considering that the majority of attendees are camping, which means there is only so much Planet Bluegrass can do to control inputs to the waste stream.
  • Most importantly, the concept of sustainable festivation is woven into the culture of the experience in an authentic and consistent way – something that is almost impossible to do at your average concert venue. The result is that many festivarians get their education in sustainability by attending Planet Bluegrass events year after year, and take that learning home with them to their families and communities.