Our Goals

Our sustainability goals for 2015 are organized around three critical priorities: Climate Change, Natural Resources, and Social Value.

Climate Change

Natural Resources

Social Value

We acknowledge that the threat of climate change is among the greatest issues we face today. Using resources wisely and limiting waste is important to us – in our operations, in our supply chain, and in how our products are designed and disposed of. We value the employees, suppliers, and communities who enable us to deliver innovative sustainable foodservice products and services to businesses and consumers all over North America.
  • In 2016, increase our advocacy for expanding access to commercial composting
  • In 2016, decrease our total miles flown per $1,000 of sales by 5% relative to 2015 travel
  • In 2016, decrease total vehicle miles reimbursed by 5% relative to 2015 travel
  • Achieve net zero electricity HQ. Until we get there, invest in high quality offsets to balance our emissions
  • In 2016, complete the transition to compostable wrappers for our compostable cutlery kits
  • In 2016, expand film recycling pilot and determine scalability
  • In 2016, continue to partner with Lifecycle Plastics to build viable end markets for post-consumer plastic within Colorado
  • By 2017, increase HQ waste diversion to 90%
  • By 2017, reduce HQ water consumption by 10%
  • By 2020, discontinue legacy products that do not meet our current material standards for renewable resources and post-consumer recycled content
  • In 2016, continue to use our Sustainability Squad as a way to engage Eco-Patriots in sustainability and make Eco-Products a great place to work
  • In 2016, 55% of our employees will take advantage of their paid day off to volunteer
  • In 2016, 70% of our employees will include a sustainability goal in their performance review
  • In 2016, ensure all manufacturing suppliers have undergone their first audit
  • In 2016, review audit results for all suppliers to develop our understanding of common issues and opportunities
  • In 2017, begin tracking supplier efforts to become more environmentally and socially responsible

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