Our Impacts

You know the saying, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”? That’s why we invest significant resources in measuring the impacts not only of our operations, but of our products as well, across their entire lifecycle. While we might have a sense of where our impacts lie, we don’t want to make any assumptions.

Eco-Products Carbon Emissions 2016 graph

If you take a look at the graph to the right you’ll probably notice that the impacts of our operations are significantly smaller than the impacts of our products. That is what happens when a company of about 50 people is managing the leading US brand of environmentally preferable foodservice packaging!

Of course, it is easier to manage the environmental and social responsibility issues of your own company than those of your manufacturers or the entities that handle your products at end-of-life. It is also crucial to our brand that we walk the talk and create a corporate culture that is mindful of these issues. However, if our sustainability efforts were confined to our four walls, we would not be assuming responsibility for the largest component of our impacts – our products.

That is why in this report we discuss how we are trying to have a positive impact not only directly, but also indirectly throughout our value chain. The issues outside of our direct control are more challenging to address, but we are committed to making a meaningful effort to advance sustainability in every aspect of our business.

Eco-Products 2016 Carbon Footprints

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