Our Response to COVID-19

Eco-Products, a Novolex Brand, is working with Novolex leadership to closely monitor developments associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the interests of the well-being of all of our stakeholders. While this is an emerging virus and there are still many unknowns, we have implemented a number of initiatives focused on our employees, operations and supply chain to address the potential issues raised by the virus. Our activities are coordinated by a senior level company incident management team. Following are some of the actions we are taking.

Employee Communications and Support

To support our employees, we have distributed emails to help them understand what they can do to minimize their exposure to the virus. We have relied on information that is available from the US Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization (WHO). Our communications reinforce everyday measures that can be taken concerning appropriate personal hygiene and the importance of quickly seeking and heeding medical advice if someone begins to feel ill. We have advised employees who feel ill or have been diagnosed with coronavirus to not come to work and to follow their physician’s advice. We will work closely with local public health authorities to identify co-workers who may have been exposed and support measures, such as self-quarantining at home, as recommended by the public health bodies. Novolex human resource professionals will be available to discuss employee health insurance and, if employees cannot work, financial needs. We will continue to maintain regular communications with our employees to help them understand and avoid exposure to the virus. We have set up an employee hotline, as well.

We have also issued detailed guidance for customer support teams in our Boulder, CO, corporate office. The purpose of the guidance is two-fold. First, it is designed to help our leaders reinforce our direct communications to employees. Second, the guidance provides department leaders with instructions on how to handle potential employee questions, such as health benefits, leave, and risk scenarios and remote work requirements that may arise in connection with the virus.

Restricted Travel

In line with initial recommendations of the WHO, we initially suspended all business travel to China, Japan, Iran, South Korea, Italy and Hong Kong. Following the WHO’s characterization of the virus as a pandemic, we cancelled all non-essential business travel, including customer meetings, conferences and trade shows, and have also counseled employees on risks associated with personal travel. We will rely on our brokers to be the frontline of any asks by our customers during these times.

Restricting Visitors

To minimize exposure to COVID-19 at our facilities we have implemented new procedures. Visitors to our office locations, including those from other Novolex sites, will be restricted only to essential support personnel. We expect to continue to provide access to service personnel required to maintain equipment and provide services such as cleaning, as well as to drivers delivering materials and picking up shipments. We have told our vendors that they should monitor the health of their employees, explain the steps their employees should take to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus, and brief them on the importance of practicing social distancing at all times.

Production and Supply Chain

We maintain close communication with both primary suppliers and their secondary supply chains to ensure materials and finished goods will remain available. We have successfully managed through the initial disruptions in our China supply chain resulting from the post Lunar New Year closures and are actively prioritizing key product categories as our manufacturing partners return to full capacity. We are also in touch with our logistics suppliers and warehouse partners regarding their contingency plans as well as our expectations for the precautionary measures they need to take as noted above. We have set up a supplier hotline, as well. At this point, we do not foresee risks in production or shipment of products we manufacture. However, we continue to monitor conditions daily given the evolving nature of the situation.

We will keep you informed of any developments that could affect our ability to maintain the availability of product and the ultimate deliveries to you. In the meantime, if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative.

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