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Our sustainability report:

This report serves multiple purposes. First and foremost, as Ian mentioned in his letter, it allows us to be transparent about our sustainability approach, successes, and challenges. Second, it enables us to treat sustainability just like any other important business metric. We set goals and track progress on sales and EBIDTA; if we are taking sustainability seriously, we should set goals and track progress on it as well. Finally, it keeps us focused. Setting public goals and committing to an annual report sharpens our focus on continual improvement.

The scope of this report is calendar year 2014, although in some instances we describe qualitative progress in 2015 in order to provide the most useful snapshot of our efforts. The report covers our operations, such as the impacts from our headquarters building and travel, and our employee, supplier, and community relationships. It also includes the lifecycle impacts of our products, such as their manufacturing and end-of-life scenarios.

Eco-Products acquired Bridge-Gate Alliance Group in late 2014. Bridge-Gate is a brand of compostable foodservice packaging made primarily from wheat straw. Because of the date of acquisition, Bridge-Gate operations and impacts are not included in the scope of this sustainability report. They will be included in next year’s report, so stay tuned!

One last thing about our approach to reporting: we look to frameworks such as GRI and the B Corp assessment for guidance on what to address and report. Such initiatives provide insight on issues that have been deemed material by others outside our organization. Because of the resources required to formally report to GRI and obtain third-party assurance, we have chosen to not go down that path at this time. We will continue to assess whether this is a priority for our stakeholders.

Our Sustainability Advisory Committee:

We recognize that our perspective on our environmental and social impacts is just that – our perspective. That’s why we formed an advisory committee of external sustainability experts to provide feedback on our approach and inaugural sustainability report. They represent the private sector, academia, non-profits, in-house sustainability managers, and consultants. It is an honor that they have elected to share their time and insights with us.

We met with this group in person last fall and will continue to hold annual, in-person meetings. We also use the committee as a sounding board on issues throughout the year. This group has already proven to be extremely valuable. In his opening letter to this report, Ian shared an example of their feedback and how we’ve used it to improve our efforts. We look forward to our continued relationship with this group and using their feedback to challenge us.

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Pete Dignan
Renewable Choice Energy¹

Jeff Hohensee
Director of Strategic Partnerships, Alliance for Sustainable CO

Ramsay Huntley
Senior Sustainability
Manager, DIRECTV

Bruce Hutton
Professor/Dean Emeritus, University of Denver

Jennifer Leitsch
Director of Corporate Responsibility, CBRE

Will Sarni

Virginia “G” Winter
Principal, Equinox Consultancy LLC

¹In the interest of full disclosure, Eco-Products buys carbon offsets from Renewable Choice Energy. We both began working with RCE and asked Pete serve on our committee before he accepted this position.