What exactly is it?

PBAT (Polybutylene adipate terephthalate) is a random copolymer that is known for being both flexible and tough. It is derived from petroleum and is compostable at end of life.

Why we use it

It is often considered an environmentally preferable alternative to low-density polyethylene (LDPE), because it’s compostable. With many similar properties to LDPE including flexibility and resilience, it performs well in plastic bags and wraps that are compostable.

What’s cool about it?

It is more durable than PLA, but is still compostable. Even though it is derived from petroleum, when combined with other bio-based polymers the result is the production of blended copolymers that are compostable. It has the potential to replace other industry-standard plastics with a more environmentally preferred end-of-life option.

What is not so cool about it?

Since it is partially derived from petroleum, it is not considered a renewable material, nor a plant-based plastic.