You can find product specific information on our product information pages but in general:

Product material Freezer Microwave Oven
Paper Yes (short term storage only) No No
PLA No No No
Sugarcane Yes (short term storage only) Yes No
RPET Yes (short term storage only) No No

Paper and Sugarcane products can go in the freezer, although they are not airtight, so freshness and freezer burn can become issues if left there too long. PLA and RPET can become brittle when frozen, so we don't recommend putting these products in the freezer.

While our hot cups, soup cups and some containers are designed for hot foods, they are not designed for the extreme heat of the microwave. Microwaves will cause them to warp, leak or even catch on fire. Unless a disposable product says "microwave safe" on it, it's a good idea to use a glass container to reheat your food instead.

Lined sugarcane products will hold liquids well and is grease and cut resistant. Unlined sugarcane works great too, but like paper, it may be more likely to lose strength when used with very hot foods or liquids.

No, our products are not edible. They are FDA approved for food contact, but are not considered edible/digestible. Even though many of our products are derived from plants, they are plastic and should not be eaten.

Paper hot cups and soup cups are designed to hold hot drinks and food, but not to withstand the extreme heat of a microwave. At best, the glue at the seam can loosen and the cup will start to leak. At worst, the cups can even catch on fire! This is true for all paper cups, not just ours. We recommend microwaving in glass or ceramic containers labeled as microwave safe.

Yes. Eco-Products warrants the products supplied to be free from manufacturing defects. The Eco-Products warranty does not cover defects attributable to or resulting from normal use, inappropriate storage, shipping or handling. Eco-Products retains the right to request product samples, whether damaged or otherwise, to be returned to Eco-Products at a determined destination for inspection prior to replacement or credit for said goods.

If a replacement is made, Eco-Products shall have a reasonable time to deliver such replacement goods. If, after inspection, Eco-Products determines that the products are defective, we will offer replacement product or credit.