Square Plates
Square Sugarcane Plates
Square Molded Fiber Plates are stylish alternatives to traditional paper or polystyrene plates. Designed to creatively communicate your green message, these plates are highly versatile, strong, and cut-resistant. Natural fiber products are compostable and made from reclaimed and renewable material like sugarcane and bamboo. Our molded fiber products are ASTM compliant for compostability.
  • Made from renewable and reclaimed resources
  • Made with rapidly renewable resources like sugarcane and bamboo
  • Meet ASTM standards for compostability
  • Grease and cut resistant
  • Freezer safe
  • Molded fiber products are made from rapidly renewable resources.
  • Our molded fiber products are compostable in commercial compost facilities, but unfortunately not in your home compost.
  • Compost is a great way to improve vital soil resources and divert waste that would otherwise be landfilled.
  • Composting helps divert waste from landfills.
Square Plates
Small Square Sugarcane Plate

6in Square Plate

Ideal appetizer plates for your next event.
  • Dimensions: 6x6in with 1in rim
Medium Square Sugarcane Plate

8in Square Plate

Food stands out on these creatively designed plates.
  • Dimensions: 8x8in with 1-1/2in rim
Large Square Sugarcane Plate

10in Square Plate

Large serving size square plates are perfect for main dishes.
  • Dimensions: 10x10in with 2in rim
10x5in Rectangular  Plate

10x5in Rectangular Plate

Rectangular Molded Fiber Plates are perfect for displaying appetizers or desserts.
  • Dimensions: 10x5in with 1in rim
5-Compartment Sugarcane Tray

5-Compt Tray

Our molded fiber food trays were designed with school cafeterias in mind.
  • Dimensions: 10x8x1.25in