Round Plates
10 inch 3-Compartment Plate
Molded Fiber Plates are a strong, grease and cut resistant alternative to traditional plastic or polystyrene. natural fiber products are compostable and made from reclaimed and renewable material like sugarcane and bamboo. Our molded fiber products are ASTM compliant for compostability.
  • Made from renewable and reclaimed resources
  • Made rapidly renewable resources like sugarcane and bamboo
  • Meet ASTM standards for compostability
  • Grease and cut resistant
  • Freezer safe
  • Molded fiber products are made from rapidly renewable resources.
  • Our molded fiber products are compostable in commercial compost facilities, but unfortunately not in your home compost.
  • Compost is a great way to improve vital soil resources and divert waste that would otherwise be landfilled.
  • Composting helps divert waste from landfills.
Round Plates
6 inch Round Sugarcane Plate

6in Round Plate

Great for appetizers or desserts where a little plate goes a long way.
  • 6in diameter with 1/2in rim
7 inch Round Sugarcane Plate

7in Round Plate

These plates are perfect at your next party.
  • 7in diameter with 1/2in rim
9 inch Round Sugarcane Plate

9in Round Plate

Plates that hold up at your next picnic or barbeque.
  • 9in diameter with 1/2in rim
  • Use lid EP-P013LID
9 inch 3-Compartment Sugarcane Plate

9in 3-Compt Plate

The classic and versatile three-Compt plate
  • 9in diameter with 3/4in rim
  • Use lid EP-P013LID
9" plate lid

9in RPET Lid for Round Plates

Top off the 9in plate with these snug lid toppers.
  • Made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Hot or cold food friendly
  • Height: 1.5in
  • Fits EP-P013, EP-P013NFA
10 inch Round Sugarcane Plate

10in Round Plate

Renewable and disposable dinner plates in our largest size.
  • 10in diameter with 3/4in rim
10 inch 3-Compartment Sugarcane Plate

10in 3-Compt Plate

Three Compts keep sauces and sides in line with your main dish.
  • 10in diameter with 3/4in rim
10 inch Oval Sugarcane Plate

10in Oval Plate

Oval plates go great with panini's, cakes, pastries, and special events.
  • 10in x 7-1/2in diameter with 1/2in rim