Supply Chain

We recognize that our products’ carbon footprint greatly exceeds that of our operations. Because of this, we must take steps to better manage the upstream and downstream impacts of our products. A supplier code of conduct and audit program will provide valuable insights into understanding and addressing environmental and social issues in our supply chain.

To make progress on our 2015 commitment to develop a supplier code of conduct, we drafted our code in early 2015. Our parent company, the Waddington Group, was acquired by Jarden in mid-2015. Becoming part of a larger corporation meant our suppliers became subject to Jarden’s supplier code of conduct and audit process.

Jarden’s audit program is very robust and focused on continual improvement. Frankly, their program is much stronger and better resourced than any program Eco-Products could have implemented. Jarden’s audit team provides detailed corrective action plans and training to suppliers to assist with compliance. Our suppliers are beginning to undergo the audit process, and we look forward to reviewaing the results to gain a deeper understanding of our supply chain. Beginning in 2017, we intend to work with our suppliers to encourage and track their improvements.

Want to learn more about Jarden’s Code of Conduct for suppliers? Check it out:

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2014 Goals:

  • Draft a sustainability code of conduct for our manufacturers. Share with key manufacturers for feedback.

2015 Goals:

  • Finalize code, have manufacturers sign it or develop plan for getting there.
  • In 2016, incorporate environmental and social criteria into factory audits.