Supply Chain Management

We recognize that our products’ carbon footprint and potential social impact exceed that of our operations. Because of this, we are taking steps to better manage our upstream and downstream suppliers. Our first step was to create a mandatory Code of Conduct for our suppliers, which we completed in 2015.

Since then, our company has been acquired twice: by Jarden later that year and by Newell Brands in 2016. Fortunately, both companies had robust supply chain management standards and programs from which we can draw upon moving forward.

Our goal for 2016 was to audit our manufacturers to assess compliance with local environmental laws, fair labor practices, and safe working conditions. We successfully completed these audits for all foreign manufacturers and assessed most of our domestic manufacturers as well. We then had the University of Colorado Leeds Social Impact Consultants review the findings and propose recommendations.

We learned that our suppliers are generally performing well. In 12 of 13 categories, their scores averaged or exceeded 4.65 out of 5. (Since 5 is high, this means they scored well.) In areas needing improvement, they are developing corrective action plans. Our parent company has staff based overseas to provide oversight and support to our suppliers on these issues, and we are grateful for these internal resources.

Our next step is to create a scorecard that will rank suppliers on quality, reliability, cost and sustainability criteria. We also plan to convey to suppliers our expectation that they go beyond local environmental law, and take additional steps to reduce their impacts. We hope to engage external stakeholders to gather feedback on what else we should be measuring and discussing with our suppliers. This will allow us to prioritize commitments and track progress being made across the supply chain.

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Average Overall Score by Audit Section

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Newell Brands Supply Chain Standards

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