Sustainability Report 2014

We are excited to celebrate this Earth Day by launching our first annual This is Why: The Eco-Products Sustainability Report.

Last year we launched the "This is Why" campaign to help remind people of why environmental sustainability is so important. You may have seen it on our cups or in our videos, and now you’ll see it as the title of our sustainability report.

Why issue a sustainability report, when we try to be mindful of the Earth every day? Well, we want to put more of a stake in the ground, set public goals, and hold ourselves accountable. Because it’s not enough to just measure our impact; we have to reduce it.

Next year around Earth Day, we’ll share what went well, what didn’t, and where we’re going in the future. We won’t be perfect, but we’re trying. And we look forward to sharing our story.

Download the PDF of the Report or you can read through the sections below.
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