Sysco's Electric Truck Fleet Launch Party

Composting packaging in California is very difficult, where very few if any compost facilities accept packaging. So when Sysco wanted to host an Earth Day celebration in Riverside to launch their fleet of electrified semi-trucks, they ask us for products to tie in with the theme but had no plans for waste diversion. That is until Access Partners connected them with our team.

Meghan Ibach, our Product & Zero Waste Specialist in that region, and Jeremy Elliot, the sales manager, used their network to find a community composter in L.A. willing to drive 75 miles to pick up both compostable packaging and food scraps created at the event.

The event was a success, celebrating the solar-powered semi-trucks and diverting 92% of the waste from the landfill. More than 150 guests attended from throughout Sysco’s corporate and regional offices. Eco-Products and Access Partners had six people on hand to manage the three waste stations, keeping the stream completely free of contamination. In all, 305 pounds of material was collected from front and back of house. 72% was composted and 20% was recycled. A great example of the Eco-Products mission in action!

Sysco Truck and Earth CookiesMeghan Ibach at Sysco Riverside EventCompostables Bin at Sysco RiversideEcoGrip and World Art Hot Cup with Truck