What is Compost?

Compost is organic material that can be used to help grow plants and keep soil healthy. In the process of breaking down your organic wastes, microorganisms produce a rich earthy substance called humus that is the key component in good compost and in healthy soils. At the end of the day your food scraps, yard wastes, and compostable materials can return to the soil where they are useful, important parts of life-giving soil.

Did you know that people have been composting for thousands of years? There is evidence that compost was used in ancient Rome, India, and China. Native Americans and the great civilizations of the early America's also used compost to improve crop yields, amend their soils, and support their communities.

Even more importantly today, we are learning that composting plays a vital role is combating global climate change by supporting smart land use practices. That's a great reason to [heart] decomposition!